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For 30 years, Graphic Headquarters has been the top creative services company on Long Island for websites, catalogs, brochures, ads, storefront signs and more.

Long Island has many successful privately owned companies that deserve creative services equal to that of top fortune 500 companies. Graphic Headquarters brings these NYC Ad Agency quality services to your company with local home based pricing. For over 30 years, our Madison Avenue style concepts, design and marketing strategies have portrayed our clients as serious players in the marketplace.

From store front signs to copy writing and website design, companies on Long Island have trusted Graphic Headquarters to increase their brand awareness and sales. No sign shop, printing company or local publication art department can even come close to the quality of planning and production of Graphic Headquarters.

Time and time again, budgets have been worked within and deadlines have been met. Browse through the services pages on the left and our "Client" page on top to view the variety of companies we service and the style of design that we created and produce.



Knowledge is key when comparing website designers and print production material.

At Graphic Headquarters, we educated our clients on what is good advertising, what's not and why. Today, anyone with computer can claim to be a graphic designer, but they are far from being advertising creative directors. A creative director researches and thinks along the line of concept. Graphic Headquarters researches, writes text, and collects images way before designing layouts. Know the difference between craftsmen in the same industry before contracting a website or graphic design studio to represent your company. It's important, it's your business.

The process of creating successful advertising campaigns.

  • meeting-website-design

    Set up a meeting.

    • Present our portfolio and credentials to give you a feeling of our design style.
    • View and discuss the work that has been done in the past.
    • Decide on a plan of action to meet your marketing goals and brand awareness.

  • printing-proposalCreate a proposal.

    • Create a proposal listing all services to be rendered.
    • Present proposal and explain in detail all aspects of it.
    • Revise if necessary based on client budget and needs.

  • storefront-sign-designGet started.

    • Research company and competitors for insight.
    • Write text, choose images, create 1st go-around layout designs.
    • Present, revise, finalize and prepare layouts for production.



What Long Island business owners are saying about Graphic Headquarters.

"If I didn't have my own business already, I would be want to be partners with Creative Director, John Calvaruso from Graphic Headquarters."
Dan Woldin, Vice-President, MadisonMediaCorp.com

"When I need any type of advertising material, I will always call John Calvaruso from Graphic Headquarters first."
Gary Zaccaro, President, AmbassadorHI.com

"John Calvaruso from Graphic Headquartersis a rock star in the advertising industry."
Geoff Hollander, President, TheBridalOutlet.net

"I give all my advertising work to John at Graphic Headquarters."
Steve Spinner, President, SentryProtectsYou.com

"For over 15 years, John from Graphic Heaquarters has met every print ad deadline. He is always there for me."
Ken Kaufman, President, LaserPlusSpa.com


When it comes to accurately advertising your company with creative graphic design services, we practically read minds.

When starting an advertising campaign, we don't expect our clients to create and supply us with professionally written sentence form text or retouched photography. Research, copywriting, and image choosing is our strength and what sets us apart from other creative services companies. We reasearch your company profile, services and competitors then brainstorm and present concepts to you which allows us both to decide on a solid direction.


"NYC Ad Agency Style" website design and print advertising design with Long Island pricing and no rush charges.

Choose two: Fast, Accurate or Inexpensive.

This saying was displayed in many advertising agencies and graphic design studios across NYC.
- Choose fast and accurate and you'll run up the budget with overtime charges.
- Choose accurate and inexpensive and the job will take too long to produce.
- Choose fast and inexpensive and the content and quality will suffer.

Some say that this "can't have it all" cliche is a reality and that clients need to abide by it. Graphic Headquarters is probably the only website design, sign shop and printing company in Long Island that provides all three. We just simply put an ongoing job aside, and get on yours immediately. This job juggling is just another reason for contracting Graphic Headquarters for your next website design, sign design, or brochure printing project.